Lemongrass Beef Skewers

January 25, 2008

We definitely eat more fish than beef, but I was feeling unavoidable carnivorous so I thought I would make simple Thai-style skewers. I was also secretly craving the easy clean-up of BBQing!

The marinade for six long skewers is as follows:

2 stalks of lemongrass or about 3 T (use the lower green part only and slice thinly)
1 large clove garlic, minced
1 1/2 inch long piece of fresh ginger, minced
1 T olive or vegetable oil
3 T fish sauce
1 T sugar

Your beef should be in thinly sliced strips: about 1/4 inch thick and 1 inch wide. Marinate the strips for about 20-30 minutes and soak your bamboo skewers in water during this time too. Thread the beef onto the skewers in a ribbon-like manner. Grill for a couple minutes on each side, brushing with the remaining marinade.

Sprinkle with crushed peanuts and serve with lime wedges. Easy and delicious! (And again, the clean-up is nice too!)



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What is fish sauce?

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Fish sauce is a liquid made from fermented fish. It sounds nasty and it smells, well...very fishy. But it is an essential ingredient in many Asian cuisines. I've added a link in the blog to Wikipedia for more info. Cheers!