Daily Dozen Doughnuts

March 19, 2008

It really disturbs me that I can enjoy dough deep fried in oil to such a great extent. The concept of a doughnut, when you really think about, is quite disgusting. It's fried dough. So, I just don't think about it. Simple as that. When the image comes to mind I just erase it - gone - no more disparaging thoughts. That way I can truly be the gluttonous fool that I become when I go to Daily Dozen Doughnut Co. located in Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington.

The best thing about Daily Dozen is that their doughnuts are mini so you can eat more of these light (well, light in the the fluffy sense, not the diet sense. But again, erase it from your mind) pillowy treats. So eat up! I mean, they're mini so they have less calories right? (This is where you nod your head rapidly in agreement). Enjoy a half-dozen ($2 with tax) or throw caution to the wind and get a dozen sampler bag. Cinnamon, plain, powdered sugar and chocolate with sprinkles.

And don't be ashamed of that powdered sugar in the corners of your mouth as you walk through the market. You're not the only one. Hold your head high.

The mini doughnut machine and me waiting last in line oh so patiently.



gpcman's picture

I Love mini donuts. I used to get them in N. Carolina. They're great with Strawberry jam too.

Vicky's picture

Ooh, so glad you reminded me of those little donuts; going to Seattle this weekend, and might have forgotten to drop by for my dose of fried dough otherwise!

Cherie's picture

While these many donuts are delicious, and I have consumed more than my fair share, Top Pot is the not to be missed donut stop in Seattle. www.toppotdoughnuts.com

I could easily bathe daily in the old fashioned raspberry glaze.

Rosebud's picture

I loved your article about donuts at Pike's Place Mkt, and the photo of the familiar bronze pig is fabulous! Keep up the good writing---the articles are all so interesting with your humorous flair.

Scott Ruthfield's picture

you left out the most important part of the pike place donuts, barnaby - they are made by a robot. The Donut Robot 2000, to be precise.

I don't believe we should fear the Donut Robot 2000 - maybe the Donut Robot 3000 will be more sentient - but still. Robots!

That is all.