Pacific Northwest Bouillabaisse

April 3, 2008

Barnaby has the uncanny ability to look into the fridge and be able to whip up some fabulous gourmet meal. I, on the other hand, will take a look and immediately say, "We have nothing, nothing at all. We need to go to the store."

Last night was one such night. I saw nothing and Barnaby saw a cornucopia of delectables. So he took over (hmm, maybe I should just start feigning culinary ineptness more often!). What he grabbed from the depths of our pantry and cold storage was this:

Freezer: clams in an abundance of their juice, a fillet of King salmon and a few halibut cheeks.
Fridge: a bit of fennel, mayonnaise
Pantry: an onion, a carton of good quality tomato sauce, saffron threads, white wine, chili powder, the remainder of a loaf of pugliese, truffle oil...I'm sure I'm missing some other minor ingredients, but you get the gist.

The result of his genius was a beautiful and ever so scrumptious non-traditional bouillabaisse. We named it Pacific Northwest Bouillabaisse due to two of its key ingredients: halibut cheeks and King salmon. He didn't stop there, oh no, he served it with toast drizzled with a bit of truffle oil and a rouille on the side (you want to move in with us, don't you?).

It was the best darn scavenged meal I think I've ever had.

For further eating pleasure:

Here's a great classic bouillabaisse recipe from Simply Recipes.
Jacques P├ępin's Chicken Bouillabaisse from Food and Wine.



dreama's picture

OOOOHHHH....I can almost taste this beautiful dish. It's dinner time and I dug all through the fridge and couldn't find much more than salad and tuna...

Vicky's picture

I DO want to move in with Sounds like an awesome dish!