Breakfast for Dinner

April 4, 2008

I’m so tired my hair hurts.

Barnaby and I are in the process of moving. We’ve all been there. You know how utterly painful and tedious it is. But, after four years we are moving back to Seattle (let me summons up the little bit of energy I have and cheer. yeah.) The process of actually getting there is the tough part, but if I squint real hard I think I can see a small light flickering at the end of the tunnel. Wait, no – darn! – it was just the shimmer of those crystal glasses I need to pack (whimper).

The next time you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to pack up your life's belongings and can barely lift another finger (or you've just had a really hard day), let me share my recipe for a can't-take-it-no-more meal. Get your pen and paper ready because it's a doozy.

Breakfast for Dinner

Cereal - any kind, it can even be stale. At this point, who cares?
Milk - any kind of milk will do. You’re burning so many calories packing up boxes go for the full Vitamin D, knock yourself out!

Optional: sweetener, spoon, bowl - hey, sometimes bowls (and spoons for that matter) accidentally get packed up early. In this situation, pouring the milk directly into the box is completely acceptable. In fact, it’s encouraged, you're refueling your body for more packing, you know.



Carla Saunders's picture

It's when a year later you open a box labeled kitchen and you find those important documents that you were saving to personally take with you when you closed the door for the last time.

KC's picture

You're too funny! And a hard worker. What better way to have a meal sometimes -- Thank you for sharing that the simplest meals have no hard and fast rules, especially when it's satisfying. We love the photos- please keep em comming!