New Male Gene Found

May 21, 2008

I'm not a scientist. By any means. But today I'm quite confident that I've discovered something Nobel Prize-worthy: a new gene prevalent in (mostly) men. I would say only men, but I'm certain there are a few unfortunate women out there who are also afflicted with this genetic trait.

I've named it the Microwavius Fitlhius Explosivus. In layman's terms: the Filthy Microwave of the genus Explosive.

My theory, which follows, is based on years of careful observation of the male of the species in their natural habitat:

The absolute inability for the eyes to see or nose to smell exploded or burnt food that remains inside the microwave after items are heated.

In another observation, in the same controlled setting, the female counterpart would wipe the inside of the microwave (usually with cleanser) after food explosion. Her eyes clearly seeing the filth that remained from said explosion, and her nose also smelling the burnt spoilage.

Fascinating! Also fascinating is that the female of the species would clean up the exploded food not caused by her own microwave cooking. Simply opening the microwave to say, heat up her morning coffee, and finding exploded food bits, would prompt her to first clean out the microwave.

Oh, the species are wondrous creatures!

Note: In both sample groups uncovered refried beans heated at the highest level for longer than necessary were used.




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Great article! I am the King of dirty microwaves.

Happy B-day (May 28th) today Sheri.....big four-zero??