Missing What You Can't have

May 27, 2008

When we heard that drastic cuts in wild chinook salmon fishing were being taken I admit I freaked out a bit. I live in the Pacific Northwest. Salmon is a staple food up here! We need it like we need fresh air to breathe (well, that's a bit of a stretch, but I will miss my beloved chinook). Then I read an article about the severity of the situation and thought - I can happily refrain from eating it. I do, after all, have a rule against eating anything listed as an Endangered Species, and our poor aquatic friend is now firmly planted on that list.

The good news is we still have the farmed stuff. I know, there's a big debate around farmed salmon, but really, we breathe in nasty exhaust going to and fro work five times a week, is a little farmed fish now and then honestly much worse?


Why is it when someone tells us we can't have something we want it ten times more? Knowing we can't eat wild salmon makes Barnaby and I want salmon for dinner every night. We just stocked up on the fatty farmed variety and tonight we are making salmon cakes (these would also make scrumptious burgers).

Don't worry about following a set recipe here - we have none. Just let your heart and taste buds dictate...

Mince your fillet of salmon, then toss into a bowl. Add some chopped red onion, capers, an egg, and bit of panko. Mix up and form into patties. Slap them onto the grill and cook a couple minutes on each side. While they're cooking, whip up some mayo with a good squeeze of lemon juice and some fresh dill. There's your sauce.

Here's to your delicious patties and to the free salmon proliferating in our waters!



Ken Wetherell's picture

YUM! You guys rock. You know, it's hard for me to decide which side of the farmed vs. wild debate has more merit. I guess if I really wanted to do the right thing, I'd just go vegan. But, I'm weak and I like me some salmon! So for now at least, bring on the farmed.

Beautiful picture, as always.

dreama's picture

We are having these salmon cakes Sunday night!!! Went to Costco for the fish and can't wait to try this recipe!! Thanks

Emily's picture

Wow, beautiful photography! We're having a salmon recipe contest and awarding the creator of the best recipe with 15 lbs. of Wild Salmon! We'd love to have you enter this recipe or another favorite - http://marxfoods.com

Melanie D.'s picture

I love salmon. This post just made me crave for it even more! The picture is so teasing. Yum.