Greens From The Garden

June 10, 2008

There's something so gratifying in growing your own food. Not only does it taste better, but it's such a wonderful feeling to "forage" for your dinner.

The weather in Seattle has been less than perfect. With March-like rain and temperatures, my poor tomatoes sit in their well-watered pots, yearning to produce, and farmer's market favorites such as tomatoes and berries now won't be available until July.

Come on, sun! We know what we got ourselves into choosing to live in the Pacific Northwest, but really!

The good news is that without the hot temperatures, like our Eastern friends are experiencing, my lettuce isn't bolting and is fairing quite well! My three little varieties are sprouting nice and slow, and remaining oh so tender. Growing just as fast as we can eat it, and no more.

I just love cooking in my newly painted kitchen and walking out the back door to pluck baby lettuce from my own garden.

Life doesn't get any sweeter. (Well, it would be if my berries would come out).



Melanie D's picture

I agree, it really feels good if what you eat is what you have been growing in your garden. Aside from saving a lot, you will know for yourself that the greens you are eating are really safe and free from harmful chemicals.