Black Lava Flake Salt

December 3, 2008

I admit it's odd thing, but I get as much pleasure out of discovering some new spice as I do buying a cute pair of shoes. Crazy, I know. It's a strange rush. The quick little inhale when you spy those perfect heels and the excitement when they fit like a glove. It's the same with spices. Like when I saw this amazing salt for the first time at World Spice, our favorite spice shop in Pike Place Market. I literally got giddy with excitement.

This black Mediterranean salt is less flake-shaped but rather more like itty-bitty pyramids. It truly is fascinating. Coated in charcoal it becomes white when wet (or licked off as I discovered!) It has a mild flavor, which makes it pair nicely with practically any food (we sprinkled it on top of paté and a lamb shepherd's pie). And, of course, makes a striking presentation! Like tiny ancient ruins sitting on top of your food.

Hmm, makes you wonder from where the Mayans got their inspiration for Chichen Itza.



Rosebud's picture

How beautiful! I can almost taste how delicious those little pyramids must taste just reading your wonderful article. Keep up the good cooking.

Greg Bulmash's picture

How big are those little pyramids? Do you grind them or throw them on dishes whole?

Sandra's picture

How interesting ! I've never seen this and it looks a bit odd, but worth trying :-).

Barnaby Dorfman's picture

The flakes are very delicate and break very easily, so you throw them right on top of your food. The biggest little pyramids are about a half inch across.

Rosie's picture

Many thanks for calling by my blog and for your kind comment. It's lovely to *meet* you and you have a lovely site here.

I've never heard of this salt before but I also like to try new tastes of food stuff.