Hot Pepper Honey

December 20, 2008

Spice is an important part of a good relationship. That's doubly true for our close friends John and Tracy. This is because John has a serious addiction to spicy food...I think he was Aztec Royalty in a prior life. John has no scoville limit, he's constantly seeking heat and adds it to everything. This has turned into a bit of a quest for his wife Tracy, she's constantly looking for the next chili, the next hot sauce...even grew a variety of hot peppers last summer. The latest: Hot Pepper Honey. This is a really interesting flavor combination, that goes well with both sweet and savory dishes. They swear it's good on vanilla ice cream, I can tell you it is great on cheese and crackers. Interested? Click the Foodista logo below for a recipe:

Hot Pepper Honey on Foodista



Greg Bulmash's picture

Try a brown sugar, cinnamon, and chipotle applesauce. Mmmmmm. It hurts so good.

Kathy Roduner's picture

Great idea, and what a beautiful picture, Mr. B

James's picture

I liked the picture....but where is the recipe ?

Barnaby Dorfman's picture

Click the small Foodista logo above...

Sean's picture

I fell in love with this stuff when I lived in Santa Fe, NM. You can buy red chile honey all over there. I know it sounds crazy but it's AWESOME on hot dogs. :)