Butter Never Had it So Good

August 15, 2009

Not too long ago Mark cooked live lobsters for the first time and because it was such a special occasion, it called for special butter. Of course there is nothing more delicious than lobster dipped into sweet hot butter, but what if you kicked it up a notch? After boiling the lobsters he split them in half, placed them on the barbecue for just a couple minutes and brushed them with chipotle butter. They were quite the treat. I can imagine this butter on grilled corn on the cob, added to steamed clams or even spread on a baked potato.

Chipotle Butter on Foodista



Angie's Recipes's picture

The lobster makes my mouth water!

Anonymous's picture

Didn't the potent flavor of chipotle overpower and ruin lobster's delicate flavor?

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