What do vampires eat?

November 19, 2009


Ok... what do humans who like vampires eat? New Moon comes out in just over 9 hours, and we've been thinking about what foods will enhance the viewing experience.

Standing in line for tickets: You could be in for a long wait, so bring a snack. Apple Sandwiches are fitting on several levels. First, a shiny red apple graced the cover of the first Twilight book. Second, they have bacon. (Vampires are hot right now. Bacon is hot right now- see the connection?) Finally, the two slices of bread represent Bella being sandwiched between the Vampire world and the human one. Or something like that.

Dinner: Bella ate Mushroom ravioli on her first date with Edward, but that's so cliched. Because the crew travels to Italy in this installment, crimson Beet Risotto is doubly appropriate- just leave out the garlic.  Pork Blood Stew or blood pudding will also work.

Dessert: Red velvet cake is a safe bet. However, milky white Alabaster Pudding with blood-red pomegranate sauce adds a distinct gothic feel to any meal.

Drinks: Vampire's Kiss cocktail and Bloody Mary's are both excellent choices, though a Blood Orange Bellini is a classy alternative. For the young adult crowd, try a Blood Orange Granita.

(image by andrew mason)



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