Day of GMO Labeling at Whole Foods

April 29, 2011

"gmo labels"

The very name Whole Foods leads to thoughts of whole, unprocessed foods that are organic and free from GMO (genetically modified organisms), additives, and pesticides. Perhaps they need a new name?  Millions Against Monsanto (via the Organic Consumers Association) has a GMO labeling campaign happening around the country.

The idea is to place the stickers that say, "Oh no is it GMO?" on any item with potential GMOs. How do they know which products to tag? Well, if an ingredient comes from corn, soy, canola, or sugar beets and is not organic, then it is likely a GMO. I knew Whole Foods sold GMO's, but I had no idea just how many products are filled with them. The shocker is that so many organic products that contain GMO ingredients. Maltodextrin, for example, typically comes from GMO corn or glucose syrup from GMO sugar beets. There are some items that have NON-GMO glucose syrup, but then contain non organic soy lecithin.

The ultimate goal is to bring awareness and  get GMOs in the US labeled, as they are in Europe and many other countries!