Anthony Bourdain's Hatred For Alan Richman Evident On Treme

May 2, 2011

On last night's episode of the HBO series Treme, Alan Richmond's infamous 2006 GQ article bashing New Orleans comes out, and the chef character, Janette Desautel, is furious.

But the fury behind it is courtesy of Anthony Bourdain. The chef/entrepreneur is on Treme's writing staff and his hatred for Alan Richmond goes way back. Bourdain has a chapter in his latest book Medium Raw, titled Alan Richman Is a Douchebag.

Upon discovering the article, Desautel says:

"I mean, holy shit, town's barely on its feet and this son of a bitch has gotta to come down and reevaluate whether we were ever any good... Fine, he doesn't like the food, he thinks it's heavy, or he thinks it's shit, I don't care. For fuck's sake it's a service economy, they're fucking hurting. He's gotta write this now? Tell people to stay away from New Orleans, don't come down, don't spend your money in restaurants?"

Watch the clip HERE. Desautel's (or Bourdain's) reaction is worth it.

Photo by: HBO