5 Delicious Taco Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

May 3, 2011


Get ready for summer and celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a few different interpretations of this traditional Mexican fare. None of these recipes are run-of-the-mill by any stretch and are determined to wake up your taste buds and spice up your fiesta!

Seared Ahi Tuna Tacos
Naturally gluten free/dairy free, these tacos will add a little bit of sophistication to any celebration!

Cornmeal Crusted Fish Tacos with Rhubarb Salsa
The New York Times was raving about this new take on fish tacos, also naturally gluten free/dairy free.

Beer Can Chicken Tacos
What goes better with grilling than beer? According to Eli Shayotovich, almost nothing! With this soon-to-be grilling-classic, he "introduces a chicken and a can of beer." Dairy free and delicious!

Fry-Bread Tacos with Mexican Spicy Meatballs
For something completely different, why not try the Latin equivalent of a meatball sub? Meatballs are gluten free/dairy free.

Chorizo and Yam Tacos
Sweet, salty and a little different, why not try these naturally gluten free soft tacos featuring two traditional Spanish ingredients.

Photo by Varin Tsai

*For a gluten free fry bread recipe, try Better Batter's.