Do You Have a Drinking Problem?

May 13, 2011

Walk around in Anytown, USA and you will see people consuming large lattes, super sized sodas and jumbo juices. What often gets overlooked, is that the sugar, calories, and additives in these liquid refreshments still count as far as your body is concerned.  Let's take a look at a several of the worst offenders. 

Super Sweet Sports Drinks-

Try coconut water for hydrating electrolytes instead. It's all natural and does not contain high fructose corn syrup, and a range of dyes and flavorings. None of these additives are actually hydrating. Sure, these drinks may contain electrolytes, but the price is too high. 

Jumbo Juices and smoothies-
Plenty of people believe that they are doing their body good by drinking juices made with real fruit. The trouble is 16-36 oz is a whole lot of fruit! Instead try a combo of fresh vegetable juices with a little bit of fruit for sweetness. When juice is made the fiber is removed so it impacts the blood sugar much faster. As for smoothies, keep it on the smaller side and instead of a tropical fruit medley try using apples and berries, and add protein such as hemp seeds, nut butter, or a powder made with quinoa, brown rice, or hemp. 

Super Size Soda-
Go for a fizzy drink sweetened with stevia. It not only doesn't spike blood sugar levels, but it can also satisfy that sweet tooth. For even healthier fizz, try a fermented drink such as kombucha, it's loaded with minerals and enzymes.

Mega Latte-
While caffeine may not be the healthiest choice overall, it gets much worse when its consumed in the form of a frappacino, mocha, or any other coffee concoction loaded with sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Also, size does matter, try and stick to the smallest cup. 

Oh, and don't forget about good old fashioned water!

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Patrick's picture

Those alternative drinks sound disgusting and not anything like what they replace. This is a nice idea, to move away from some of the dangerous things many Americans consume to more healthy products, but I don't think something like kombucha is going to satisfy a heavy coke drinker. The other issue, is that some of the "healthy" alternatives aren't fully tested, or come with their own health risks. They are alternative in every way!

Besides, aren't electrolytes "what plants crave?"