Put Your Wine in the Blender and Shake It All Up

May 14, 2011

What would happen if you blended your wine? Microwaved it? Froze it? Even if you've never thought about it, we now have the answers. Lindsay Christians, writing at Madison.com, was inspired by a New Yorker article about epic cookbook "Modernist Cuisine" to run a series of tests on wine. The New Yorker piece mentioned that blending wine could make it taste better by speeding up the aeration process, a kind of "hyperdecanting."

Christians took both a pinot noir and a cabernet and exposed the wines to a variety of circumstances in addition to blending, such as microwaving and freezing. Her conclusion? Blending did improve the wines by softening harsh tannins and bringing out more fruit flavors. But do not microwave your wine. 



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Putting 1989 into a immersion blender: My Results http://maisonmarcel.blogspot.com/2010/02/channel-your-inner-tortoise-when.html

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