Katy Perry Tour Rider Emphasizes Organic Produce

May 21, 2011

The Smoking Gun got ahold of the Katy Perry tour rider, and the "E.T." singer's food selections reflect an intense focus on organic fruits and vegetables. Perry requests a plate of organic crudite and ranch dip, dried unsweetened apples or pears, dry-roasted salted edamame, freeze-dried strawberries, whole wheat pita bread and crackers with hummus, baked tortilla chips, baked potato chips and an assortment of pretzels.

In the beverage department, the Katy Perry tour rider requests a bottle of Santa Margarita pinot grigio, lemon-lime soda, herbal tea, Fuze Slenderize, Vitamin Water Zero and a water cooler with a 5 gallon water tank.

Although we're more interested in what the singer plans to eat to stay healthy while traveling the world, the Katy Perry tour rider is making the Internet rounds this weekend primarily for its unusual 23-point driver policy, which mandates in part that drivers refrain from speaking with Perry, guests or fans and avoid "staring at the backseat through the rearview mirror."

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