5 Vintage Food Commercials From the 1950s

May 25, 2011

Times have changed in the television business. We now sell products and services through the use of girls, glamor and guns. Well, the 1950s was a much simpler time. At least in the TV world. Take a look at these 1950s commercials for food. The best part has to be the creative, catchy jingles. What do you think?

1. Cheerios


2. Aunt Jemima Pancakes


3. Kool-Aid

4. Coca Cola

5. Chef Boy-Ar-Dee

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shoshanna levy's picture

It;s like a playlist from my youth! No wonder we were all so jacked up on sugar, etc! These songs seem so innocent. Still, they are better than today's scream at you to get the point across style of ads.

shoshanna levy's picture

I should add that I grew up in the 80's, not the 50's, but this type of advertising was still popular then.

Nue Science's picture

Its like amazing,I have watched many vintage food commercial in last 4 to 5 decade...! but i think some of them is really good.