5 Ways To Protect Yourself From Rising Food Costs

May 29, 2011

After spending the last three hours reading all the doomsday articles about the rising cost of food prices, it is clear that NOTHING is actually clear. No single place is fully to blame and all sources have plenty of blame to bestow on every other facet of the food system. What is a simple middle class family supposed to do? We have to eat. The price of food is rising. What's left? Here are 5 ways to feed your family, while keeping your sanity. 

Buy during the season

That is now, folks. Now is prime time to hit the farmers markets, the little side tables loaded with fresh produce that you see on the dirt roads and even the boxes of extra zucchini marked FREE, at your local church or community center. Any time you have the opportunity to buy fresh food during the flush of the season, do it. 

Grow it yourself

Do not be afraid. You don't need a yard to grow your own food. Try a windowsill, a rooftop, a 5 gallon bucket or even sharing space with a friend or spend a few dollars to rent a place.

Eat less

Not the most popular train of thought, but simply following what a serving size actually is, and filling up on less food will definitely save you money. 

Stop eating out

Stop it, period. You will not die, shrivel into a hobbit with no friends, or somehow fail to feed yourself when hungry. Eat out on everyone's birthday, and consider it a treat-not a convenience that is somehow helping you. It's not.

Think of food as nourishing fuel, not bragging rights 

Try to use simple ingredients and creativity to create satisfying meals that keep you and your family happy. Although you CAN find a whole  tomato in January, learn to love the fresh taste of tomatoes in July. Can or freeze them, and enjoy fresh crushed tomatoes in January. 

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