4 Raps About Organic Food

June 1, 2011

One of the great things about YouTube is that pretty much anyone can get their message across quickly. Here are five rap videos about food or sustainability issues. Can you dig it? 

1. Yeo Valley (Organic Milk): This group of UK dairy farmers made a rap video about the benefits of their organic milk. They are called Yeo Valley Organic and they get major points for this really well done video. Their song is also available on iTunes. 

2. Stonyfield Farms (Organic Food): CEO of Stonyfield Farm Gary Hirshberg tells everyone at the start of his video that he is not a rapper (agreed!), but his video talks about the problems with the current food system and urges people to consider organic alternatives. 

3. Honest Tea (Organic Tea): This video stars Seth Goldman...errr Honey G....in a response video to Hirshberg's organic rap. Goldman's company, Honest Tea, makes organic tea flavors. This video is set in Bethesda, MD (my hometown). The battle between Hirshberg and Goldman may be the weirdest in "rap" history.

4. Plastic State of Mind (Anti-Plastics): Ok, you have me here. This video is not technically about organic food, but the issue is definitely linked to the organic food movement.  The video was made on behalf of Green Sangha and advocates eliminating single-use plastic bags from your grocery cart. With one million bags used every minute, that seems like a reasonable proposal. 

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