Tine Roche Says: Cook with Your Clients

June 2, 2011

Cooking is the thing these days.  If you are looking for something new to do with your clients, or a new and fun activity for your company team building, you can always cook.  The Cambridge Cookery School in London offers cooking as a new way to entertain clients and build corporate relationships.  Instead of the normal drinking and eating at fancy restaurants (which are also a fantastic way to build relationships), owner Tine Roche holds group cooking courses, including wine tastings.  It is an innovative team building exercise, and an entertaining experience with your clients.  

Cambridge Cookery School Team

The Cambridge Cookery School started in 2008 when Roche and her family moved to the city from Scandinavia.  She used to run classes in her own kitchen and rented halls for supper cooking activities and classes.  She found the perfect spot in the middle of London where her huge kitchen is now located.  Often, you will find cooking experts joining in on the fun in the kitchen. Roche designs tailored courses that are specific for clients, staff, or company team building.  There are classes for all ages, basic cooking for kids and students. The corporate classes are made very competitive, according to the wants of the client.  Menus are diverse – different dishes from several European countries, like France, England, and Italy.   Later this year, Roche will be running gluten-free courses and specific diet classes.  This summer there will be “posh picnics,” where you also have to make your own picnic food.  You can even celebrate your birthday with family and friends while cooking your own birthday celebration meal, and eating together afterwards.