Natural and Organic Sales Hit $81 Billion

June 5, 2011

Looking around at the various farmer's markets, natural co-ops and local food movement, you might have already released that the organic and natural food industries have been steadily growing over the past couple of years. Did you have any idea how much they're worth though? 

$81 billion, according to a new report from Natural Foods Merchandiser Magazine. That number represents 7 percent growth in the industry since 2009. Pretty impressive. Several sectors of the organic food industry have been growing faster than others. Sales of dairy grew by 12 percent, produce shot up 13 percent, pet foods grew by 10 percent and sports nutrition products grew by 22 percent. 

The figures should be taken with a grain of (organic) salt, given who the estimate comes from. Other estimates, however, place the value of organic sales alone at $26.6 billion in 2009. Do you think the industry can continue the impressive sales? 

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saks2salvation's picture

This is great information and the current food movement makes me smile. I have been a devotee to natural and organic foods since my first child was born and have never looked back. I think that the industry WILL continue with these impressive sales because consumers are becoming more aware & interested in where their food comes from. Knowledge is power! Very informative article.