La Bonnotte Potatoes Are $318-Per-Pound Spuds

June 7, 2011

Would you splurge on La Bonnotte potatoes if you had the chance? These rare salty spuds are one of the world's most exclusive foods, and they're priced accordingly: a kilo of the potatoes, or 2.2 pounds, retails for up to $700.

What makes potatoes worth $318 per pound? La Bonnotte potatoes only grow in the island of Noirmoutier in western France, where cultivators fertilize the spuds with seaweed and algae. After planting season ends in February, the fragile tubers are harvested by hand in early May in limited quantities -- just 100 tons of potatoes are produced per year. Within 48 hours of harvest, most of the potatoes have already been sold.

Do you think La Bonnotte potatoes are worth their price tag?

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