Nigella Lawson Worries About Her Weight

June 14, 2011

Famous television cooking deity, Nigella Lawson, admits she is anxious of her weight despite being firm on her stance against thinness. Lawson has always accepted her body shape and does not want to be thin like other skinny celebrity women. But on a recent interview with BBC’s Kirsty Young, the 51-year-old Brit confessed she does not want to be used as a model of a fat and ugly woman.

Last April, photos of Miss Lawson wearing a burkini (Muslim swimwear) on Bondi Beach in Australia were brought out to the public. Her reason for wearing the full-length swimsuit was to keep her English rose complexion from the sun’s UV rays. However, how big she looked in that burkini was the talk of the town. The photos were a big humiliation that made Miss Lawson conscious of her figure. In the interview, Miss Lawson disclosed her desire to lose weight. But she was afraid to go on diet because she has witnessed her mother, the late Vanessa Salmon, struggle with anorexia and bulimia. From that experience, she developed the belief that food must always be enjoyed. True enough, food has always brought comfort to the Domestic Goddess. Though after eating, guilt swallows her up. Aside from her weight problem, Miss Lawson also talked about her motherhood experience. Compared to cooking which she finds so easy, the Domestic Goddess revealed how hard and almost 'impossible' it is to be a parent.

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nigella will look fab in ne size coz its her charm n style tat keeps her in n famous...i admire u nigella....u have no reason to worry