Rockin' Recipe Ideas for Gluten Free Dads

June 17, 2011

Get creative this father's day by preparing these mouth-watering and nourishing gluten free dishes for dad.

Carrot Cake Muffins
Tempt dad with this gluten free version of carrot cake. I suggest cutting the maple syrup to 1/3 a cup for an even healthier treat. Add 1/2 a cup of hemp seeds for quality protein and fat which balance the sweetness from the syrup.

Steamed Artichokes with Red Pepper Aioli
Give dad a healthy dose of minerals, since artichokes are a rich source. They are naturally delicious, but become even tastier combined with this red pepper aioli sauce.

Peter Pan Rice Casserole
Give your veggie dad his protein with this simple peanut butter-based casserole.

Strawberry Cream Pie
Pop isn't getting a raw deal with this scrumptious seasonal pie.

Five Minute Gluten Free Wonder Buns
Gluten free dad's (and everyone else) will rejoice over these buns that can be used for burgers and beyond.

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