TSA Misses Four Huge Chef Knives

June 17, 2011

Ready for another alarming TSA airport security lapse? Of course you are. James Beard-winning chef Paul Kahan was traveling out of Chicago-O'Hare International Airport. At security, the agents patted him down for his wallet but failed to notice four large chef knives he had accidentally placed in his carry-on luggage. 

Kahan made the flight and then noticed his mistake. He is a partner at the restaurants Avec, Blackbird, Big Star and The Publican.

Anyone else alarmed? 

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Barnaby's picture

I did that once, it was pre-9/11, but somehow the screeners missed a 12 inch chef knife. I thought I had checked it, but was in a backpack. I realized it once I was on board and kept very quiet about it.