10 Best Deviled Egg Recipes for Your Next Cookout

June 26, 2011

Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a classic retro appetizer, perfect for 4th of July or your next cookout! Packed with protein, easy to eat and pretty minimal effort required, these appetizers are a great alternative to egg salad at a picnic or as an elegant-but-simple appetizer for entertaining!

Classic Deviled Eggs
With Dijon mustard and sweet relish, just like the deli used to make.

3 Ingredient Deviled Eggs
That's right, as easy as can be- and no mayo involved! 

Creamy Deviled Eggs
Spice things up with the addition of horseradish and Dijon mustard!

Cubed Deviled Eggs
Cubing is kind of addictive, be warned! (Scroll down for the English version!)

Smoky Deviled Eggs
Totally natural, featuring smoked paprika and sun dried tomatoes - yum!

Spotted Pig Deviled Eggs
With chili flakes and malt vinegar, these are super tasty!

Obatzda Stuffed Deviled Eggs
Featuring camembert and shallots for a German-themed appetizer.

Hummus Deviled Eggs
Extra creamy and mayo free!

Green Deviled Eggs & Ham
With fresh spinach and deviled ham, these are perfect for a Seuss-themed party or any time of year!

BBQ Deviled Eggs
What could be more perfect for your next cookout?

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