9 Foods to Help You Eat Right When Money's Tight

June 30, 2011

Oye! It's impossible to get away from the fact that the economy is terrible. Especially for us everyday, middle-class folks. And on top of that, we're constantly inundated with freaky facts and scary statistics about how we have to eat right or else. So what to do? 

Here are 9 foods that are healthy and affordable. These foods are easy to find and dollar-for-dollar provide the best nutrition, according to the experts at the American Dietetic Association. So even if we all can't afford to shop at Whole Foods, we can eat foods just as healthy as the rich and famous. 

1. Produce: choose a wide variety of in-season fruits and veggies 

2. Bakery: Skip the cookies and opt for the whole grain bread loaf

3. Canned Foods: especially beans 

4. Grain: brown rice and quinoa 

5. Cereal: whole rolled oats 

6. Dairy: large container of low-fat Greek yogurt 

7. Proteins: a dozen eggs 

8. Freezer: frozen veggies 

9. Bulk Bins: various nuts 

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