Tumblr Tuesday: 5 Starbucks Tumblr Blogs

July 12, 2011

This Tumblr Tuesday, we're zeroing in on Starbucks Tumblr blogs. These tumblelogs focus on different aspects of the Starbucks experience, from its confusing ordering system to its corporate branding choices and baristas' curious cup spelling.

1. Starbucks Order: Starbucks Order offers helpful tips on ordering some of Starbucks' trickest drinks. The blog is maintained by a loyal Starbucks fan who's devoted a significant amount of time to deciphering the proper ordering protocol.


2. Musings of a Starbucks Barista: This tumblelog lets viewers into the life of a Starbucks barista, from favorite drinks and snacks to new products and promotions. There are even a few behind-the-scenes exclusives, like this scan of a Starbucks employee apron:

starbucks tumblr blog

3. Starbucks Spelling: This humble photoblog features user-submitted examples of egregiously misspelled names on the sides of Starbucks cups. The cup below, for example, should have read "Kendall."

starbucks spelling

4. F*ck Yeah Starbucks!: Although this tumblelog has a profane title, its content is completely safe for work. It features different facets of Starbucks culture, from photos of Starbucks coffee to a proposal inspired by the coffee giant.


5. Starbucks Passion: Starbucks Passion is run by avid Starbucks enthusiasts. It features insightful commentary on Starbucks branding choices and product options, delectable photos and first-person reporting on Starbucks goings-on in Toronto.

starbucks passion

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I also started a Starbucks Tumblr--http://starbucksgotmynamewrong.tumblr.com/