Lower Sodium Content on Restaurant Menus

July 25, 2011

Restaurants in the U.S. are cutting back on the salt content in the food they serve. Food regulators are busy preparing new rules for posting calorie count on menus and switching to healthier options for frying. Restaurants anticipate the possibility of new federal rules about salt regulation for health reasons.

Carl's Jr., El Torito, and Taco Bell have cut back on the salt content of the food they serve. They hope that customers won’t notice that they are being served low-calorie and low-sodium content dishes. So far, they have received little reaction about the sodium cut back. Some customers have no clue and believe that it’s not a big concern.

There’s a slight adverse reaction from the salt industry. Salt does not only add flavor to food, but also helps in baking and preserving meat. It would affect the preparation, storage and transportation of food. But with regards to flavor, the restaurants are offering healthier options on tables such as a small bowl of fresh cheese, a shaker of gourmet salt, or sea salt.

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