Quick and Easy Green Bean Potato Soup

August 14, 2011

After 2 1/2 days away from the garden, I just knew there were plenty of veg waiting for me. Like a true farmer, I was in the rows, before even unpacking. Night was falling and I couldn't wait another mintue. The green beans were finally ready! My baby tried them for the first time, and the 4 year old showed her how to find the beans hiding under the leaves. It was sweet to see my budding gardeners. 

I have a wonderful childhood dish that my mom made for us. This Green Bean Potato Soup, was our go-to meal after a long day of sledding or ice skating in upstate New York. It was simple and delicous, making it a soup that was hearty enough to chase aways winter chill, but easy enough to assemble after an exhausting day out in the cold. 

I now make this for my family, but don't keep it just in the winter recipe file. It is delicious when made with fresh green beans from the garden. 


Green Bean Potato Soup

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