Man Prepares 70-Year-Old Beef for Neighbors

August 24, 2011

Talk about dry-aged steak: Swedish man Eskil Carlsson recently prepared some 70-year-old beef for his neighbors. The beef had been sitting in a jar since 1939 or 1940, when his wife's family decided to set some food aside in case "the bad times returned." After his wife died, Carlsson decided to open the jar and prepare the beef.

"We did our homework and consulted the authorities about what might happen and they said there shouldn't be a problem," said Carlsson, who gave the first bite of the 70-year-old beef to his cat. Carlsson also indicated that the jar of beef was like "a member of the family," and his wife's family held a great degree of respect for the petrified protein.

So what does 70-year-old beef taste like? Carlsson indicated that it wasn't anything special: "It didn't smell much. It didn't smell bad anyway. It was as if it had been meat from this week. I shouldn't exaggerate, though, it was no delicacy."

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