Zac Brown Might be the Next TV Chef

September 9, 2011

Zac Brown, the front man of the Zac Brown Band, wants to take his love for food to television.

At your typical Zac Brown concert, you aren't likely to see the usual venue food like burgers or chicken fingers. Instead, you'll find "Southern gourmet" prepared by a team of chefs. The band even hosts "eat and greets" before their shows for fan-club members.

“This isn’t just a chance for somebody to come eat a bag of nachos and some Cheese Whiz at a concert,” Brown said, adding that he takes the music side of his shows just as seriously as the music.

While nothing is set in stone, Brown is already rearing to go with his own food show.

“We’ve talked about [a TV show]. We’ve filmed a lot of the stuff, a lot of the cooking elements of our stuff to possibly put a show together, and we definitely will do that one day.”

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