Jonathan McGowan Discusses 30-Year Roadkill Diet

October 17, 2011

Do you think you could ever eat roadkill? Jonathan McGowan has lived on a roadkill diet for the past 30 years, and shared his experience with Fiona Clampin in a column for The Guardian. "My choice to eat roadkill is rooted in respect for the environment," he said. "I've always been green: I don't use power unless I need to, I always recycle and I don't agree with hunting. I only take animals I know have died accidentally. If there was no more roadkill, I'd be a vegetarian."

McGowan's roadkill diet has sparked some curious reactions. He discusses how people have honked their horns and shouted at him when seeing him pulled over on the side of the road, or how people will tell him that his choice to eat roadkill is "cruel, unhygienic and macabre." What do you think about eating roadkill?

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