5 Globally Inspired Leftover Turkey Recipes

November 27, 2011

There's something blissfully satisfying about a day-after-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich (try this Turkey Apple Bacon Grilled Cheese), but when we're "sandwiched out" it's nice to have a repertoire of go-to leftover recipes to tantalize our palates. Below are 5 globally-inspired dishes like Turkey Cornish Pasties (savory turnovers), a south-of-the-border Turkey Enchilada Pie, and a Turkey Goulash with velvety wide noodles. Read on for all five delicious recipes.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

 Turkey Cornish PastyTurkey Cornish Pasties





Turkey Enchilada PieTurkey Enchilada Pie




Turkey Croquettes
Turkey Croquettes






Turkey and Sausage Jambalaya
Turkey and Sausage Jambalaya





Turkey GoulashTurkey Goulash






Photos: Cardamom, Krystal Regueiro, FotoosVanRobin, stu spivak, Julie M.



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