5 Craziest Cooking Demonstrations From 2011

December 30, 2011

As would be expected, chefs and food industry experts take to talk shows to hype new books, TV shows and products. Sometimes those demonstrations get a bit crazy and awesome. Here are five of the best moments from 2011. 

1. Watch a Knife Cut Through Full Coke Can: Bob Kramer makes really sharp knives. They sell for thousands of dollars. They are so sharp they can cut through completely full cans of Coke. 

2. Jamie Oliver Talks Dirty in Fan Video: Some wise guy decided to edit together some Jamie Oliver videos to make him sound dirty. It's very juvenile, but also hilarious. 

3. Jamie Oliver Explains Secret Ice Cream Ingredient: It was during an appearance on Letterman that we learned many ice cream brands use beaver anal glands in their products. 

4. Richard Blais and Jimmy Fallon Love Liquid Nitrogen: Apparently, Jimmy Fallon loves to play with liquid nitrogen. Especially when Top Chef: All Stars winner Richard Blais is around. 

5. Christina Tosi Impresses Conan With Cereal Milk: Conan O'Brien is an expert at disrupting chefs during their cooking segments. This one with Christina Tosi was no different, but especially hilarious. 

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