Aaron Carter Talks Celebrity Cook-Off

December 31, 2011

Aaron Carter is one of the contestants on the Food Network's Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off, but the singer says he and his family have been cooking long before he was asked to be on the show.  "I come from a big family of cooks. We are very serious about our dinners," he said. 

Before the show, Carter says he would often cook with his sister but when it comes to steaks, he is the master of the kitchen. 

"I love cooking dinner with my twin sister, Angel, but she always tries to take over the kitchen and kick me out. Truth be told, I make a better steak than she does - I add the right amount of butter to the pan to give the meat a crusty char. But she makes some mean mashed potatoes," Carter said. "I remember my mom videotaping us during a family dinner when we were both 3 years old. Angel was so tired that she passed out right into the mashed potatoes on her plate! Ever since then she's taken this strange liking to them."

What Carter did learn from Celebrity Cook-Off was how to use herbs and spices in different ways. 

"I never used herbs and spices in my cooking," he said. "[Now] I buy dried parsley, basil and garlic powder. I splurge on the ones in glass bottles because they feel fancier than those in plastic."

Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off premieres tomorrow on the Food Network. 


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