United States Barista Championship is a Caffeine-Centric Competition

April 21, 2012

championship pairs baristas from around the states against one another, asking them over the course of four days to create four espressos, four cappuccinos and four signature drinks. The catch is that they only have 15 minutes to make and present these beverages. Participants are free to bring their own grinders, milk, coffee and other must-have tools.


Competitor Ryan Knapp said to Serious Eats that when it comes to strategy, he has just one: "I can't tell you. If you want a real answer: I think it's important to understand the rules, practice and then relax. Half of the battle is being able to stay calm and remind yourself that you make coffee every day. Oh, and a couple shots of whiskey go long way." For the perfect cup of coffee though at home, check out the Scanomat Top Brewer faucet.

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