The Average Joe Artisan Bread Kit Can Turn Anyone into a Master Baker

June 23, 2012

The Average Joe Artisan Bread Kit can turn anyone into a master baker.  Nothing beats bread fresh from the oven and too often we would rather buy mediocre bread from the grocery store than baking exceptional bread at home.  Bread is a simple combination of water, salt, flour, and yeast and with a little know how, anyone is capable of making it.  The Average Joe Artisan Bread Kit is one way to gain that "little know how."  Each kit comes equipped with bread flour, bread dust, three artisan salts, yeast, a cookbook and more.  Average Joe's signature recipes include the "Golden Standard" which is a white artisan loaf, salted rosemary, cinnamon-raisin crown, and pizza dough.  This kit makes a great gift for anyone interested in bread making or a way to awaken your inner baker.