Matt Damon Can't Watch a Movie Without Popcorn

September 20, 2012

Matt Damon has one guilty pleasure and that is popcorn. The actor says his favorite snack is an absolute must when watching a movie, even at his own premieres. 

"I can't watch any movie without popcorn," he said. "Even at my own premieres. It's really bad; I have to have it. I physically can't watch a movie without a big box of popcorn and a soda." 

Damon also admits that he isn't much of a cook himself, but is a fan of his wife's cooking. 

"My wife makes an amazing Milanese," he said. "And for dessert, well, I've been called a simpleton, but I love a hot fudge sundae. A Friendly's hot fudge sundae... oh man."

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