Jamie Oliver to Release American Version of Jamie Magazine

November 9, 2012

Jamie magazine is coming to North America! A publisher based in Ottawa, Canada, idoodlemedia inc., announced they will be publishing Jamie Oliver's magazine. The North American version of Jamie will be similar to the original British version, but will feature topics that are more relevant and will change the measurements in recipes. 

"You don't see many of these global brands come up for an opportunity like this and you certainly don't see many of them in Ottawa," said idoodlemedia publisher Robert Sowah. "So the fact we can take something and turn it into the center of North America... it feels great."

The company is also planning on releasing a smartphone app that will feature some of Oliver's most popular recipes and will list grocery stores that sell the desired ingredients. 

Jamie magazine will be available in North American grocery stores next week. The app will also be available later this month. 

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