Michelle Branch Joins Michael Mina for 'Cook Taste Eat'

November 14, 2012

Singer songwriter Michelle Branch has joined forces with chef Michael Mina for a new cooking web series, Cook Taste Eat. Each week, the pair will be give step-by-step instructions of a complete meal. 

"Michael and I met at an even here in San Francisco. I was doing the music and he was doing the food," Branch said. "There was a moment before the event kind of went underway, and I knew he was cooking and I'm a big fan. So I went over I said, 'Chef what are you making tonight? What's on the menu?'"

After their initial meeting, Mina said it was Branch's name that popped into his head when he decided to partake in Cook Taste Eat. Together, Mina and Branch want to make their viewers better understand cooking techniques and the use of certain ingredients. 

"By breaking it down into daily, bite-sized pieces, you can teach people how you decide [ingredients]," Mina said. "What is corn giving to a dish? It's giving it sweetness. When someone is coming over and you know that they love chicken, you can take that chicken and show people a technique that more than likely they haven't seen." 

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