Seth Meyers Shares the Foods and Drinks that Help Keep SNL Writers Awake

December 5, 2012

It's no secret that the funny folks over at Saturday Night Live work very long hours to ensure the weekly comedy show gets lots of laughs. Seth Meyers gave Bon Appetit a preview of what the SNL writers' room looks like, which seems to include a lot of coffee, energy drinks and fast food. 

"Tuesdays are our late, late writing nights. Around midnight, the interns start with Starbucks runs. When they go home, we transition to Red Bull. I'm strictly a sugar-free Red Bull guy. I'd rather enjoy my sugar intake elsewhere," Meyers said. "Around 3 AM, someone really cool will magically show up with pizza." 

The comedian added that former SNL-er Tracy Morgan would often show up with surprise fast food meals. 

"Tracy Morgan used to show up with White Castle, which was mysterious and amazing because none of us thought there was a White Castle in the city," he said. "Then, twice a year, everyone goes to Buffalo Wild Wings in Brooklyn, in the middle of the night, and it's a really big ordeal."

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