A Cheap and Cheerful Cava Makes Spain Sparkle

January 3, 2013

Gah, I know I'm not supposed to say "cheap." Yes, this Parés Baltà Cava Brut is an inexpensive sparkling wine from Spain. And it's fun to drink. So I like to call it "cheap and cheerful." Is that so wrong?

cheap cava from spainFrom the Penedes region, not far from the French border, is where you'll find the bulk of Spanish sparkling wine (Cava) production. To be called "Cava" a Spanish sparkling wine must be made in the same rigorous manner as Champagne. But you'll find the price will treat your wallet less rigorously. Which is why I chose to drink it on New Year's Eve. You're probably shocked that, as the Wine Editor here at Foodista, I was not indulging in the finest, rarest vintage Champange. Nope. I started my evening off with a glass of this fresh and refreshing bottle of bubbles.

These comments are in no way intended to slight dear Champagne. It's something you can (and should) enjoy with more regularity, year-round. As David Speer, owner of the Champagne bar Ambonnay in Portland, OR, memorably told me: "If you don’t have a Champagne budget, figure out a way to cut your expenses. Champagne is way better than cable."

But if you're looking for an all-purpose, tasty workhorse of a bottle of bubbles, you'll find the Parés Baltà a sparkling edition to your wine-drinking repertoire.

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