Victoria Beckham on the Alkaline Diet

January 15, 2013

Victoria is trying her hand at the alkaline diet. The designer recently took to her Twitter page to share a photo of her new favorite cookbook, Honestly Healthy: Eat with your body in mind, the alkaline way.

"Love this healthy eating cookbook!! X," she wrote. 

Written by vegetarian chef Natasha Corrett and nutritionist Vicki Edgson, the book incudes recipes with more information about the diet. 

"Very often, people become unwell because they are over toxic, overloaded, and the body is very highly acidic," Edgson told Glam UK. "Indigestion, bloating, abdominal pains, cramps, food intolerances, unnecessary sweating and skin problems will clear up very quickly when somebody is put on an alkaline diet." 

The alkaline diet includes cutting out foods like wheat, gluten, sugar, fried sugars, dairy, caffeine and alcohol. Honestly Healthy outlines how followers of the alkaline diet can continue having their favorite foods with alternative ingredients. 

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