Tim Horton's Offers Limited-Edition Ryan Gosling Coffee Mug

January 22, 2013

Canadian coffee chain Tim Horton's is paying homage to one famous Canadian with a limited-edition coffee mug. Ryan Gosling's Gangster Squad character will be featured on one side of the mug, with the Tim Horton's logo on the other. 

Gosling actually made a request for Tim Horton's to do a movie tie-in with Gangster Squad during an interview with Tribute.ca. 

"I thought I might get a cup out of this deal, and it has not happened," Gosling said, adding that he used to collect Dick Tracy cups from Burger King. "Could we get a Tim's cup for Gangster Squad please?"

After seeing the interview, Boston.com writer S.J. Velasquez created her own version of a Gangster Squad mug for Tim Horton's and even sent it to the coffee chain. The rest, as they say, is history! 

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I need one of these! When will they be available?