10 Commonly Mispronounced Foods

March 5, 2013

Let's paint a picture. Imagine you are out at dinner, perhaps somewhere fancy, on a date, at a business meeting or some other situation where you need to be impressively smooth. You are ready to order when you realize you have no idea how to pronounce the dish you desired. In fear of appearing a fool, you choose the salad instead. 

Eat24 wants to help eliminate that very situation from your life. They have provided a list of commonly mispronounced menu items and have provided the correct pronunciation. Check it out below! 

10. Bruschetta
Pronounced: broo-sket-ah

9. Gnocchi:
Pronounced: nyowk-kee

8. Espresso
Pronounced: e-spres-oh

7. Chipotle
Pronounced: chi-poht-ley

6. Beignet:
Pronounced: ben-yay

5. Sriracha
Pronounced: shree-ra-cha

4. Quinoa:
Pronounced: keen-wah

3. Gyro:
Pronounced : yee-row or zheer-oh

2. Quesadilla:
Pronounced: key-suh-dee-uh

1. Pho:
Pronounced: fəʊ or fuh

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Chris Nadolny's picture

How is foie gras not on this list?

jyee's picture

Neither is Chevre

Barnaby Dorfman's picture

I'd add:

  1. habanero, prounounced ah-ba-nehro. There's no ñ and the h is silent
  2. jalapeño, ha-la-pay-nyo...there's no "pee" in it.



Stefan's picture

jalapeño is actually not Ha-la-pay-nyo, the "ha" is actually a sound made in your throat that Anglosaxons need to train in order to get it. The sound is somewhat similar to what it sounds like when you try to clear you throat of phlegm with an open mouth just not as strong. Furthermore the "pay" is rather a peh.

Peter Hermans's picture

#5 Sriracha is actually pronounced See-ra-cha not Shree-ra-cha. This is because the sauce originally came from the town Sriracha, Thailand where "Sri" is pronounced "See" (with a rising tone) and not Shree as it is in the Indian subcontinent.

The Roman transliteration of the honorific word "Sri" from Thai maintains the 'r' to remain faithful to its Sanskrit origin.