SOBER UP the Healthy and All-Natural Way

March 28, 2013

SOBER UP is a new restorative drink fortified with a proprietary blend of all-natural herbs and ingredients that helps sober you up! Each ~1-ounce bottle restores mental clarity, reclaims balance, offers liver support and lowers your blood alcohol content (BAC) on average 60% in 60 minutes.

This all-natural detoxifier blends time-tested Eastern liver cleansing methods with modern Western beverage technology providing both nourishing and beneficial results - all supported by their near decade of research and development. As the makers of the beverage say, "SOBER UP is your 1-ounce friend with benefits."

Sober up






Warren Bobrow's picture

my favorite hangover relief comes in two varieties. The first is a little bottle named UNDERBERG. Don't let the small size fool you .20ml.. It's powerful medicine. The other is the tried and VERY potent, Fernet Branca. Oh, yes there is a third, Angostura Bitters and club soda. The club soda has salt added, but the real healer are the bitters.