3 Ingredient Banana Pudding

June 17, 2013

Banana pudding is a favorite among kids and adults.  With this simple recipe, dessert can be served in just a few minutes.  This recipe uses vanilla boxed pudding but if you have a favorite pudding recipe, by all means make your homemade version instead.  If you are feeling extra indulgent, top your banana pudding with freshly whipped cream.

Banana Pudding
Recipe Courtesy The Eat Food Not Money Cookbook


about 6 large ripe bananas
2 packages boxes of French vanilla pudding prepared according to directions
Slice the bananas up so they are small round slices.
Put a layer of vanilla wafers down then a layer of the banana slices.
Cover this with one of the boxes of pudding.
Make another layer of wafers, then another layer of bananas. Cover with the other box of pudding.
Now make a pretty design with vanilla wafers on the top. I always make a flower.
Put it in the fridge and chill overnight.

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