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August 6, 2013

Menu planning for any family or individual can often be a daunting task. In the Foodista household, we often have a habit of going crazy at the farmer's market only to find ourselves a few days later wondering what to do with all that kale.

Design My Meals is a brilliant service that helps you plan nutritious meals, create shopping lists, discover recipes and more with just the click of a button!

We love this service so much we've partnered with Design My Meals to offer our community a place to plan their meals (other partners include FOOD52, Lexie's Kitchen, Dinner a Love Story, and more!).

When you sign up for a Design My Meals account, you'll receive a 30 day free trial. When your trial is complete, you'll have the option of beginning a monthly subscription for only $9.95/mo. Sign up today and get the Summer Sale price of only $$2.95/mo!

On Design My Meals you can:

Find healthy recipes from Foodista and add them to your meal planning calendar
Update your online pantry
Generate shopping lists for items you don't have for each recipe with the press of a button
Customize nutritional information for each recipe to household members
Substitute ingredients and see how nutritional values change
Locate farmers' markets

More core features include:

Local/In-Season Recipes
Personalized Nutrition
Ingredient Substitution
Meal Planning Calendar
Grocery List Generation
At Home Pantry Manager

Limited time offer!! Sign up now at the Summer Sale price of only $2.95/month!!


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